"I passed the CPPB exam and I value all the knowledge I gained from your teaching, as well as your encouragement and support. I could not have done it without you." C. M.

"Thank you very much for reaching out to provide assistance for the CPPB test. Because of your help earlier, I passed. You really made me look outside the box and I believe this was instrumental in my success." ​D.H.



"I wish to thank you very much for this service. It was very helpful to me. I was able to pass the CPPO exam and your service was a tremendous help, especially when you took the time to explain the conceptual framework implied in the questions."  A.S.

How the Question of the Day Works:

"I'm pleased to report that I successfully completed the CPPO certification. A prep course was not offered and there was no study group in my area so your question of the day was a major and invaluable resource to my success." S.F.

Questions are sent to participants daily.

Replies should only be made to the facilitator so that everyone has a chance to answer.

No one's answers will be shared with anyone else.

About 50% of the questions are multiple choice. The other 50% are essay-type questions. (Note: there are no essay questions on the CPPB, CPPO or NIGP-CPP exams.)

Participants may respond off the top of their heads or use other source materials, including the Internet, to search for answers.

Incorrect responses will generate an offer t0 try again.

Participants may be challenged to explain their answers.

Participants must respond at least once a week or be removed from the list.

There is no fee for this service.

Please Note: this service is designed for people who are one year or less from sitting for their certification exam. It presupposes that participants meet the minimum qualifications for the desired certifications. It is not a teaching or new buyer learning service, nor is it intended for current certificate holders.