The road to certification can be long and sometimes frustrating so participants are free to ask questions one on one with the facilitator.

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  • Certified Public Procurement Officer
  • Certified Professional Public Buyer


David Nash brings a wealth of knowledge to this endeavor from his many years of experience in the procurement  field and as an instructor of many public procurement disciplines.

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- The Question of the Day will start up again on January 7, 2019. If you wish to participate and are not already registered, please go to the contact page to do so.

David E. Nash, CPPO, CPPB: NIGP certified instructor with over 40 years of experience in logistics and public procurement.

Welcome to the Question of the Day!

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The goal is simple: To assist public procurement professionals in preparing for the CPPO and CPPB exams, one question at a time.


Since the creation of the online Question of the day in 2007, more than four thousand public procurement professionals from across the United States and Canada have participated in this endeavor by responding to questions sent to them via daily emails. Participants may also pose questions they encounter during their independent or group studies.